Post-Event Release: Analytics Leaders Summit Singapore Enigma CG

Analytics Leaders Summit 2016

May 11th To 13th Mandarin Oriental Singapore


Day 1 without text

The first iteration of the Analytics Leaders Summit — Predicting Customer Behaviour through Analytics in Singapore was held at the Mandarin Oriental from 11th to 13th May 2016 and organised by Enigma Consulting Group.

This event was the first Enigma CG technology and analytics conference in Asia, designed to offer Asian enterprises solutions, ideas, and opportunities from professionals at the forefront of Predictive data analysis. Presentations and panels discussed a range of current issues from customer insight and CRM to business analytics and data culture.

The 2-day conference was held at the Mandarin Oriental Singapore, sponsored by technology leaders Experian, Datorama, TrustSphere and LightStream, and organized by global business event leader Enigma Consulting Group.

Following two days of In-depth technical discussions, case-studies and specially designed panel discussions, the programme culminated on May 13th with an exclusive interactive workshop focused on Predictive modelling methods & common data-mining mistakes, led by PhD Dr Carol Hargreaves, a statistics specialist and Chief of the Master of Technology Enterprise Business Analytics Programme at NUS.  

The summit addressed cutting-edge topics affecting analytics today, and highlighted that big data analytics is not just a buzzword, but a new fact of business life — one that requires having strategies in place for managing large volumes of both structured and unstructured data.

Professionals from enterprises across the Asia Pacific, and across industries attended as delegates, enthusiastic to explore and learn about real-world solutions being implemented globally and in leading Asian businesses.

Enigma CG designed this event so that Asian organizations would have to tools to transform how they garner knowledge from their most valuable revenue generator: their customers. Presentations focused on how businesses today can proactively use analytics information to identify trends, detect and predict patterns, and effectively leverage the vast data banks available to them.

Following an insightful opening address by Enigma CG’s MD Abeed Rhemtulla, who emphasized some of the challenges affecting analytics management, industry expert George Haylett started the event with his unique insights on the potential of analytics. Keynote speaker, Burak Alper of Experian, shared his knowledge of effectively managing consumer data.

Predictive analytics and actionable interpretation of data are seldom addressed by Big Data events in the market today”, said MD of Enigma Consulting Abeed Rhemtulla, “businesses in Asia need to address analytics management issues more proactively, to identify trends, detect and predict patterns and glean other valuable findings from the sea of information available to them. Enigma CG will continue to bring inspired people with vision, knowledge, and experience together in forums like this, to help us pave our way into the digital future.”

Amongst the high-profile speakers were Head of Analytics, Lloyds Banking Group, UK – Richard Davis on predictive analytics and customer behavior, Jamshed Wadia, Head of Digital Marketing & Media, Intel Asia Pacific, Panel discussions on consumer behaviour insights, and Malikkhan Kotadia who spoke about the “explosion” of big data across Asia.

Other presentations included Head of Insights at LinkedIn Peter Hubert who unpacked and explained how analytics powers the World’s first Economic Graph, and Dr. Carol Hargreaves from the National University of Singapore, who elaborated on Dynamic Analytics.

The day 1 programme underlined the invaluable benefits and incredible, untapped potential of analytics for organizations in every industry and of every size, whilst Day 2 was steered by active questioning from the participants and a series of panel discussions on e-Commerce, Data-Driven Technology for Business Intelligence and Predictive Data Modelling.

Harvard Baker Scholar Mike Sherman, a Marketing Customer Insight and CRM and Big Data began the second with his unique perspectives on marketing, customer insight and Big Data/CRM for organizations in Asia, informed by his thirty years of experience as a research user and consultant to some of the world’s largest enterprises.

This was followed by Fredric Fanthome Consumer Business and banking at DBS Singapore who spoke about the value of being more contextual towards customers, and Dev Menon, Director Business Development ASEAN & North Asia for TrustSphere, who shared his insights on Relationship Analytics.

Panelists included Prakash Chandrasekar of Levi Strauss & Co., Mervyn Chua of Zalora Group, Paul Meinshaussen of PaySense, Christian Santoso Verita Poerbasi, Indosat, Lawrence Wee, Institute for Infocomm Research, Singapore & David Low, Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore.  The summit wound up with Manu Panda, Group Chief Risk Officer, 4Finance, Latvia who discussed Alternative Data for Predictive Customer Behaviour, and Dr. Zhu Feida, Director of Ping An, Technology (Shenzhen).

The varied presentations, discussions, and views at Analytics Leaders Summit Singapore accentuated that the reality and challenges of analytics require companies to think out of the box and laterally in order to stay ahead. There are usually several solutions to business problems and often it’s the innovative and unconventional methods that prove to be the most accurate and effective.

The Analytics Summit was created by organizers Enigma CG to address key issues facing Asian business.

Enigma Consulting Group plans a follow-up event: Analytics Leaders Summit, Indonesia Edition, in Jakarta in the second half of this year. More on the event at

About Enigma Consulting Group
Established in 2009, Enigma Consulting Group is a global leader in professional services with a presence in seven locations worldwide. We offer specialist recruitment and executive talent acquisition within Analytics in the US, Middle East and Asia-Pacific, and analytical consultancy for credit, risk, fraud and marketing solutions within the Middle East, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.
Our global conferences and professional development division remains at the cutting edge of innovative business events as we evolve and adapt to meet the demands of a dynamic and effervescent global business world. Our mission is to unite visionaries in forums, events and summits to confront global change and address the various business challenges across sectors and industries. We believe in providing enterprises with solutions, ideas and opportunities from thought-leaders at the forefront of innovation and offer unrivalled experiences to our delegates, speakers, partners, and sponsors.
This conference was organized and produced by Enigma Consulting Group. For further information, images, exclusive interviews with our speakers, information on our delegate profiles and sponsors please contact our communications manager:
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  1. Hi, this must have been a very resourceful conference for those of us who want to leverage on analytics for business transformation.
    Keep up the great job


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