DAY|2 Analytics Leaders Summit Singapore

DAY 2 of the Analytics Leaders Summit Singapore — Predicting Customer Behaviour Through Analytics, brought together the worlds leading analytics experts, providing the perfect platform for thought-sharing and innovative discussion. This Followed an intense first day of predictive analytics for consumer insights, data-mining and unique perspectives from global thought leaders.  Read more about the great speakers from DAY|1 here.


panel discussion2


MikeSherman   Insight and  expert started the second day’s events. A Baker Scholar from Harvard Business School,  Mike, put forward his unique perspectives on marketing, customer insight and Big Data/CRM for organisations in Asia informed by his 30 years of experience as a research user and consultant to some of the world’s largest enterprises.
There was a fantastic line up on Day 2. Delegates fired questions at Fredric Fanthome  and  at DBS Singapore who spoke about the value of being more contextual towards customers, Dev Menon, Director & North Asia for TrustSphere, shared his insights on .
These were followed by a series of panel discussions on e-Commerce, Data driven technology for Business Intelligence and Predictive data modelling.
Panelists included Prakash Chandrasekar of Levi Strauss & Co., Mervyn Chua of Zalora Group, Paul Meinshaussen of PaySense, Christian Santoso Verita Poerbasi, Indosat, Lawrence Wee, Institute for Infocomm Research, Singapore & David Low, Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore.  The summit wound up with Manu Panda, Group Chief Risk Officer, 4Finance, Latvia who discussed Alternative Data for Predictive Customer Behaviour, and Dr. Zhu Feida, Director of Ping An, Technology (Shenzhen).
Enigma CG created this event to offer enterprises across Asia solutions, ideas and opportunities from professionals at the forefront of predictive data analysis.
This event focused on cutting-edge topics affecting analytics today, and highlighted that big data analytics is not just a buzzword, but a new fact of business life — and one that requires having strategies in place for managing large volumes of both structured and unstructured data.
The varied presentations, discussions and views at Analytics Leaders Summit Singapore underlined that the reality and challenges of analytics require companies to Think out of the box and laterally in order to stay ahead. There are several ways to solve business problems and often its the innovative and unconventional methods that prove to be the most accurate and effective.
As Abeed Rhemtulla, Managing Director of Enigma Consulting Group said:
“business and IT leaders need to address analytics management issues more proactively, businesses are now looking to use analytics to identify trends, detect and predict patterns and glean other valuable findings from the sea of information available to them. To ensure our Enigma CG remains at the cutting edge, we’ll continue to bring inspired people with vision, knowledge, and experience together in forums like this, to help us pave our way into the digital future”.
Enigma Consulting Group plans a follow-up event: Analytics Leaders Summit, Indonesia Edition, in Jakarta in the second half of this year.

As part of the Analytics Leaders Summit Singapore, PhD Dr. Carol Hargreaves conducts an exclusive workshop on Predictive modelling methods & common data-mining mistakes.

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