Colours at work.

‘’The purest and the most thoughtful firms are those which love colours the most’’. – John Ruskin

Colours influence perceptions. Colour psychology has impacted marketers in understanding of the colours they choose for their products and emoting its appeal. The psychology of colours as it relates to persuasion, is one of the most interesting aspects of marketing.

I am very fascinated by colour psychology. We live in a colourful world – colour creates, enhances, changes, reveals and establishes the mood of any individual. Colour is everywhere and impacts nearly every aspect of our lives. Although it can be extremely basic for a corporate to pay much attention to, did you know that using the right colours can keep your employees happy, efficient and productive? If you operate in a service industry, right colours can attract more customers and also increase the sales within. Colours trigger and determine the moods in people. The colours you use dictate the mood you want to evoke from your customers (or employees).

Colours play a very important role in branding and purchasing. Researchers have found, that up to 90% of snap judgements made about products can be based on colour alone.

Our brains prefer recognizable brands which makes colour incredibly important when creating a brand identity. There is a real connection between the use of colours and customer perceptions of a brand personality. It helps marketers get a better understanding of what colours they must use for their brand, which in turn enhances sales.

Competitors work very smart. Two companies selling the same product category might have close differentiation on colours – one may use blue, while the other uses shades of blue. Blue symbolises trust and security. This is why most banks and financial services are blue. Green symbolises nature and freshness. This is why Starbucks, Subway and Tropicana use green in their brands. Using green at work makes your employees save on office resources and keeps them energetic and resourceful through the day. Yellow stimulates the logical side of the brain. Physiologically, yellow stimulates the mind and mental activity. It increases the analytical processes and our logical reasoning, helping with decision-making. Using of right colours in the brand can not only help the marketers in reaching their targeted people but also creating an established brand and sustain in the market for a longer period of time.

Our corporate colour @ Enigma is purple. Purple enhances integrity, loyalty, security and work productivity. Over the decade of operations, we have found out that our employees live on exactly these values at work.

Using of right colours in your brand, can not only help the marketers in reaching their target audience but also create a brand and sustain stronger.


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